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This article refers to the character. For the game, see Showdown Bandit (game).

"Hey-Hey, Kids! "
―Showdown Bandit from the release date trailer.

Showdown Bandit is a wooden cowboy marionette and the titular anti-hero character of the discontinued puppet television series The Showdown Bandit Show. He serves as the titular protagonist of the game.


He's a slightly pale puppet with orange hair and four red marks on both cheeks, as well as a cut along the right side of his face, with two silver staples holding up his jaw.

He wears a fading black hat with bullet holes and a purple band. He wears a red bandanna and a purple shirt with rolled-up sleeves underneath a black vest with red trim and two gold buttons on the right side. He also wears a belt with the same pattern, dark brown pants and black boots.


Although he doesn't talk during the whole game (except on a TV commercial), his posters and hinted on the TV commercial shown in one of the rooms of Chapter 1 hint that he seems to be cheerful, but also calm, seen when all the stringless puppets and other monsters that try to kill him.

In-Game Role

Episode I: Showdown Bandit and the Trail of Shadows

After being released from his box by Miss Undertaker, Bandit falls out of it as he is stringless. Later, two lines of strings are shot onto Bandit's wrists. Failing to struggle free, he is pulled upwards and starts screaming, before being fully controlled by strings.

Bandit wanders around the stage, meeting up with some of his allies and new stringless enemies. As he reaches the final room, he is surrounded by masked figures, not long before being grabbed by a human hand, which might be the one pulling his strings.


  • Showdown Bandit appears to be inspired by the 1947-1960 television character Howdy Doody, a puppet dressed in cowboy attire (minus the hat) whose show of the same name was co-hosted by Buffalo Bob, who also wore Western attire. The show itself was half-western and half-circus themed.
  • Showdown Bandit’s line “Hey-Hey, Kids!” is a reference to the fictional character Krusty the Clown, from the ever-popular The Simpsons franchise.
  • Showdown Bandit is voiced by Lani Minella, who previously worked with Kindly Beast on Bendy and the Ink Machine, where she voiced an engineer named Lacie Benton.